Why choose Basement Finish Plus for your basement project?

There’s no doubt that Northern Colorado is full of contractors ready to finish your basement. But our clients and subcontractors have noted that there are a few key things that set us apart

We Hire Skilled Sub-Contractors

and trust them with a good portion of our construction work.

Why it matters: Having a bare-bones, full-time staff helps us keep costs down. We hire when we need help, and aren’t paying others when we don’t. That savings is passed on to each of our clients.

We Pay Attention to Every Detail

Why it matters: Some contractors will give you a bid over the phone. Others will give you a ballpark cost without taking time to even measure the space they’re standing in, or before they’ve discussed your specific needs and wants. We consult with you, and take detailed measurements before we quote – so you’ll know we accounted for every foreseeable issue, and for the specifics of your project. That means you won’t get significantly over- or under-bid. Plus, you can trust that everything will be done with the greatest skill and competence

You Get All Materials at Cost

Why it matters: That’s right - we never mark up material expenses. At the end of the project, you’ll receive an itemized list of everything we bought, along with a disclosure of our profits for managing and working on your basement finish.

We're Focused on Complete Basement Finishes

Why it matters: Since we don’t piece-meal individual areas together, you’ll get a cohesive new living space that acts as an extension of your home, and has just the right flow for your intended usage.